I ordered Mexican food this weekend with some friends. They provided utensils with the order. They look so mangled with the rubber bands around them. Was the person really tense when they did this?

Of more significance...I read about this blog (or an "unblog" as it's called) in the New York Times magazine. It's called Moments of Rest. The author posts a video clip about nothing in particular. Check it out here.



I've always been a fan of biographies, mainly because I love to read about people's daily routines. Simone de Beauvoir would have breakfast at the nearby cafe at about 8am, write until 12 or 1 in the upstairs area (Jean Paul Sartre would be in the opposite corner doing the same). Then she'd have lunch with Sartre and perhaps other friends, and spend the afternoon walking around, then reading, and having dinner around 7, followed by drinks.
A friend of mine told me about this blog dedicated to daily routines, and it's right up my alley. Check it out here.



Acclaimed graphic designer Shigeo Fukuda passed away recently (1.19.2009). Here are some images of his work. His designs were always playful and quite witty. Steven Heller wrote his obituary in the NY Times, read it here.


This is what started it all (see above). I saw this at my office...first they had the popcorn sign, then just recently they added the fish sign. That got me thinking about office signs, and I started looking for images of them on the internet. The ones below are some of my findings, some of them are outrageous! I also found out about a website, passiveaggressivenotes.com, which is the best. I highly recommend checking it out, a couple of the images below are from that site.


It’s snowing today. If you’re lucky (and smart), you’ll take in the weather while listening to “Monologues for Minerals”. Check it out here.

On a side note...tune into tonight’s episode of 30 Rock (at 9:30pm EST). The wonderful band The Dollars will be featured playing back-up for Michael Buble’.


I was catching up on some old podcasts this week and heard an old Leonard Lopate show from last fall. It was all about baking and it featured Dorie Greenspan as one of his guests. Little did I know that she has a fantastic blog. It’s a must for all who enjoy baking.
(In case you're insterested, I found this pic here)


Simple day, simple post.
Just happy to have finally fixed my Kaweco Sport pencil.


I heard about this new blog, how we say hello. It’s a collaboration between 2 photographers who live in different countries. Every week they both post an image based on a theme they’ve chosen. It’s their way of saying hello...get it?


I saw this billboard driving around Puerto Rico. I did a double-take when I saw the woman's feet.
Why cut out each toe? Why cut out the toe nail????!!!!



While I was in Puerto Rico, they were preparing for the governor’s (Luis Fortuño) inauguration ceremony. They put up posters announcing the event using it’s logo (see bottom picture) all over the city.
Is it just me or is this incredibly similar to Obama’s logo? Let me clarify that Fortuño is part of the pro-statehood (conservative) party and is not an Obama supporter. There are so many things wrong with this logo...if they are a right wing party why is the light emanating from the left?


See the video below...there was a lot of Christmas spirit!

Here are some pictures from Christmas. We went to this place in PR called Pescaderia Andin, they serve fresh fish and drinks.