I'm thinking of making a mobile. After seeing these images from a mobile swap posted on flickr I am inspired. Now I have to get my materials...


I couldn't resist trying out Pentagram's "What type are you?". Turns out I'm Pistilli Roman. Find out what typeface you are here. The password is character.


I got distracted looking at the work of Swedish architecture/design studio TAF this morning. See more of their amazing work here.


While in Puerto Rico this Christmas I saw some interesting packaging labels at a grocery store. They all have that vintage look, but that is probably due to the fact that the companies have maintained the same branding for years. Although not very aesthetically pleasing, I included the last image (for Cleanoil) because I liked how very basic it looks - no frills there!


Francisco Palacios "El Puente" film poster, 1950
Antonio Martorell "Las Sillas" theater production, 1964
Antonio Martorell "La Batalla de Argelia", 1969
José Meléndez Contreras "Programa de Navidad", 1968 (I love the colors on this one!)
Luis Abraham Ortiz "Semana John Cage" concert poster, 1982

I've been meaning to blog about this book since last year! It's titled "El Cartel en Puerto Rico" by Teresa Tió. An excellent art book showing the history of poster design in Puerto Rico. Above are some of my favorites. Yet another reason why we need to bring back illustration into our advertising.