Very clever! Fuseproject created this packaging solution for Puma shoes. It uses less cardboard and provides you with a bag that you can then use to store your shoes. Not a bad alternative. See more images and read more here.


My father has this old deck of cards (pictured above) designed by Antonio Martorell. They depict the various political parties in Puerto Rico and its politicians. I was reminded of those cards when I saw this flickr group which collects images of vintage playing cards.


I couldn't resist posting about this... Project Thirty Three is a blog about vintage album covers, primarily those using shapes or type as the design. You must check it out. I can never get enough of this aesthetic.
(via swissmiss)

While looking through those album covers I came across another great site. It's dedicated to Alex Steinweiss, who designed the first album covers and made them into art:

Beautiful! Check out this site here.


There's a neat article by Steven Heller in the NY Times today about motivational posters from the 20th century. Those of you who may be near Gainesville, Florida should check out the exhibit he mentions (at U of FL). Read the article here.

Which reminds me — can we put this one to rest?:

Yes!! (image via alan spach)