Someone tipped me off about this...a new packaging design for “bottled” water. I personally don’t see the point of buying water, but I like the simplicity of this design. Besides, we really have to stop considering plastic as a packaging material. See the full article here.


This is a new book that came out recently. Let me point out the obvious...it reads “Houses Tiny” (but the title is actually “Tiny Houses”). Why was this cover approved?


I was visiting a friend of mine in Prospect Hts. last week and I walked by this corner store (see bottom photo). In 2006 I took a picture of the same corner for a photo project I was working on (see top photo). These 2 pictures came to mind when I read yesterday’s article in the NY Times magazine on the “next Brooklyn”. Read the article here.


If there’s anyone out there reading this, I apologize for the silence. All I can say is that moving is a drag.

Anyway, my friend sent me a link to artist Amy Steven’s work. I absolutely love it! It reminds me of the 2008 December issue of Gourmet magazine. See more here...and be sure to click on “more info” to read about what inspired her to do this photo series.