I saw this sign recently, while walking to Gowanus. I wonder if it still lights up at night?



I saw some interesting patterns in many of the churches I visited in Tuscany. The columns are from San' Antimo, a church an hour away from Siena. Each column has a different pattern along the top. The church overall is quite austere, but it's filled with small details such as these.

The bottom two images are of the ceiling in Santa Croce (in Florence). Who says you can't combine different patterns?



The top two images are packaging for some artisanal pasta that I saw in a store in Montalcino, Italy. The last image is packaging of calligraphy pen nibs, found in a pen shop in Florence.



Now that my summer travels are over, I should be back to more regular postings...
I flew Swiss Air to Italy and couldn't believe how faithful they were to swiss typography. All of their branding (from in-flight magazines, sugar packets, utensils, to their barf bags!) was beautifully consistent. Yes, it wasn't ground-breaking, but props to them for keeping it clean and very swiss! They use a tick (-) to mark headers and use the red cross as a pattern, as seen on the back of the chocolates' packaging (2nd image from top).

The 3rd image is of some after-shave lotion. Although it doesn't scream grooming product, it still has a nice aesthetic.

The last image is of a building in Florence. I loved the fake window painted in the middle!

More images to follow soon...