This is my husband's "De Chirico shot" of Praça do Comércio in Lisbon (top photo). On the bottom is "The Arrival" by De Chirico (image from gierschickwork)


Portugal is famous for its decorative tiles. So there are plenty of patterns to look at when you're walking around.

These are the door hinges of Lisbon's oldest cathedral.

Notice how they made up for the lost tiles on this building...

I think these door windows are so cool. This was taken in Sines, a small town a couple of hours south of Lisbon.


Here are more pictures from our trip to Lisbon, Portugal.

This is a close-up of the mailboxes they use...I love the simple paper airplane symbol.

This shot is of the front of their infamous #10 streetcar.

This was my favorite store...a tiny (closet-size) glove store (luvaria). Every tourist walking by takes pictures of this store, I don't blame them.

Here's another store sign from Lisbon.

This is the awning and balcony of a garden shop.


My good friend Lindsay is in Iceland right now, rocking some nice fleece and taking beautiful pictures of horses. The photographs and videos are super cool...I love this project. Check it out for yourself here, (www.herdiniceland.com)
Puerto Rico, USA

This was filmed in 1955. I find the commentary to be pretty horrible...insurgents in Jayuya? The "natives" living peacefully in their suburbs? It's about 12 minutes long, but the beginning shows some great views of Old San Juan and Santurce back then. Maybe it's best to watch it with the volume off.

Here are more pictures taken at A Vida Portuguesa, a super cool store in Lisbon, Portugal. Who knew there could be so many labels for canned sardines?


I'm finally uploading my pictures from Portugal....here are some items I bought at this amazing store in Lisbon, A Vida Portuguesa. I'll post more about this store later in the week.

I think I've mentioned these notebooks before. They're by Serrote, with letterpressed covers. They print them in limited quantities, I've been collecting them for years now. I also got their Diario Perpetuo (not pictured), very clever!


I think I'm going to have to get this book on the infamous textile designer Vera Neumann. I first saw it months ago at an Anthropologie store, then again this week at my neighborhood bookstore. I just can't resist...I love her use of color. This woman oozed creativity, seeing something worth drawing everywhere she looked, and turning it into a beautiful pattern.

Another book I was looking at, Bravo Stravinsky, is of photographs taken by Arnold Newman. I always enjoy seeing people's work process. It is said that he played solitaire often, which helped clear his mind and think about his compositions.