Beautiful works on paper by Simon Schubert. (Thanks L!) It's all made by folds and creases made to the back of the paper. Genius! See his website and more of his work here.


Wow! What a straightforward ad! I spotted this on Flatbush in Brooklyn this weekend. Notice how they incorporated the prostate to their logo. They do not play around!


I walked through the High Line last week. It's really wonderful, here are some pics...

The road to nowhere.

Some cool patterns and color schemes. Go see it for yourself!


To make a long story short I had to return my McCullers' book, even though I was only half way through with it. (Thanks O!) I went to The Strand, hoping I'd find a neat used copy, but this is the only one they had. Aside from the cover image of the author, it's not as interesting as my previous copy (see my 6.01.09 entry). Boo.

And this is something I spotted in my backyard. Nature is so cruel!


I was in Newburyport, MA for a wedding this weekend. The reception was held at a Masonic Hall where I came across this sign.
2 questions:
- What is "bean supper"?
- Why isn't it available in June?


This morning I was looking at pencil talk, one of my favorite blogs. That led me to The Iron Scythe, which mentioned another blog called 99 cent Discount Blog. I loved his post about composition, see the full post here, it's so funny.


Here's another illustrated book. It's titled "Unstill Life / Naturaleza Viva". It's an anthology of LatinAmerican poetry published by Harcourt Brace in 1969. Each section is divided by poet (see 2nd picture), with a brief bio and a couple of poems by that author. Each poem is tranlsated into English (from Spanish) and they're shown side by side.
The wood block prints by Antonio Frasconi correspond loosely to the text. I like how they're incorporated to the English & Spanish translations (see bottom picture).
It's an excellent collection, edited by Mario Benedetti (who I'm a big fan of), and the illustrations give it a special touch.


These beautiful books were published by Peter Pauper Press. They include illustrations by Mary Jane Gorton. I don't know what year they were published, but I never get tired of looking at them. I wish we had more books like these.



I've been reading "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" (excellent!) and have become very fond of it's cover - especially the type treatment for the title. Also using a green and blue color scheme is this poetry book on the bottom. I love the graphic illustration and the simple typeface. On the bottom right-hand side is the publisher's logo, which I noticed goes backward (the initials are BCC).
For an extensive visual database of book covers go to The Book Cover Archive, it's fantastic. It allows you to search by designer, author, genre, even typeface!
More posts on books to come...this will be a most literary week.