The New York Times had an article today about Stephen Doyle's new logo for The Cooper Union School. As much as I'm a big fan of Doyle, I don't think this logo is a hit. If you ask me it's dated, let alone not very clear to figure out. I agree with some of the comments on this article, especially those who said that if a logo needs such a long explanation to understand it, it can't be that successful. See the article (and the animated version of the logo) here.


Has anyone else noticed the hideous “y” in this awful movie poster? I’d love to know what typeface that is.


For all Abdullah Ibrahim fans...
Be sure to check out The Dollars playing at Abigail’s Cafe tomorrow at 12:30pm. More info here and here.



Saw these earlier today. The use of Font Book for shark teeth is funny. See more here.


I was doing research for packaging design today and came across some funny/witty ones; here they are....
These are some chocolates, each is distinguished by the number and color. I like how they look displayed.
This is my favorite...they're some soups. They look cozy, warm, and home-made; great packaging design!

These are ice creams. So funny, identifying each flavor with an image that relates to it...all cropped in the bust, giving each one its own personality.
If you want to see more designs, check out this blog.


A friend sent me a link to yesterday's NY Times Opinion page (Abstract City Blog). It featured these images by Christoph Niemann using lego pieces to show typical things seen /experienced in New York. These are 3 of my favorites, check out the whole article here.