There's a neat store on Etsy, Pretty Tape, that specializes in Japanese decorative tape Who needs fancy wrapping paper? These are beautiful.


My friend Lindsay added a wallpaper gallery to her beautiful site Herd in Iceland. Download one of their photographs and refresh the look of your desktop here. I went with the close-up of the horse (image above). While you're there take a look at some of the videos, there's one that shows the horses as their being herded approaching the camera, it's so quiet and intense—I love it.


This planner would make a neat gift. It's by Ocheck (in Korea), I love the leather cover and simple pages inside. See more images here.


Now that I lead a busier life I'm finding myself drinking a cup of cold tea way too often. So maybe it's time to get a tea cozy? I thought this one from Tas-ka is the cutest (and not too granny looking).

I also like this doll they make:

And these envelopes are great too: