I have a major weakness for tea canisters. When in Montreal last week I crossed a Kusmi tea shop on St Denis street. The labels are all colorful and ornate, totally reflecting that Russian aesthetic (the company originates from St Petersburg). I ended up getting their Earl Grey with citrus and I must admit it's great tea. Luckily, their also available in New York.

On another day I stopped at the Atwater market and picked up some Darjeeling by Lov Organic. The tins look so neat all stacked up in the store. Unfortunately the tea itself is not the best. But at least I'm left with a nice canister.


If you're ever in Montreal, you must stop at this shop — Les Touilleurs. Very clean and simple, they carry all the essentials for cooking. Like a well-edited Williams-Sonoma.

The top photo is the front of the business card. The second photo shows the shopping bag (simple white paper with an adhesive label) and the back of the business card. They also give away recipe cards, when I went it was for lemon squares. Although I'm not crazy about their logo, the photography and packaging materials are all very nice.


Luke Sullivan – on the fear of failure. from Berghs' Exhibition '11 on Vimeo.

What a great exhibit. I wish I could see it in person...check it out here. And make sure to watch Milton Glaser's interview.